Kilicrater  & Safaris is a tour company offering safaris and beach holidays in Tanzania and Kenya. The company was founded by Mussa Mwakatobe who has been working in the tourism industry for the past 10 years and is one of the most respected safari guides in Tanzania due to his expansive knowledge of the African Wildlife  and Ecology, expertise gained partially from his education at Prossesinal Tour Guiding School and also from hands on experience.

Successfully organizing camping and lodge safaris and mountain climbing has earned us an outstanding reputation worldwide for the quality and reliability of our service.
Our tours vary from budget camping to luxury lodging, as well as tailor-made private safaris catering for families and large groups. Our guides are experienced and well-equipped locals with good wildlife knowledge and also well versed in international languages, like German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.

For our tours we use 4X4 Land Cruisers and Land Rovers with pop up roofs for your viewing and comfort. Due to the condition of the roads we will take, our vehicles are built to withstand the remote parts of East Africa. Though this does not guarantee that there won’t be breakdowns, it greatly enhances the spirit of adventure. Our vehicles are well serviced and regularly renewed for reliability.
With our camping and lodging trips the driver is the tour guide and mechanic, while the cook is there to assure that you’re having your three meals a day to keep you healthy and fit for your safari days.

Our company is registered in Tanzania and we are also members of the Tanzania Tour Operators Board. Our aim as professional tour operators is to maintain the balance between wildlife and mankind, and helping different organizations in inner Tanzania by supporting them in the development of schools, hospitals and helping orphans by giving them education. These are our goals as a company.
We also strive to maintain a balance between our tours and nature by ensuring that we maintain the natural habitat as we found it. Lets  Exprol  Nature with Craterkili & Safaris


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