ST-TOUR No 21 - 12 Days

Best time to travel: July - March
This safari is well suited for the travellers that have more time to discover East Africa on an extraordinary route. A lodge safari is certainly the most comfortable and convenient way to travel the African continent. The lodges lie on the most strategic positions to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You will visit the highlights of northern Tanzania such as the Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and the wide-open plains of the Serengeti where, depending on the season, over a million antelopes and zebras will pass during the big migration.

Furthermore, you will visit Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, with its plentiful supply of fish and which is an important food source for the human population whose everyday life you can experience at first hand. Not far from the lake and across the border to nearby Kenya, you can visit the Masai Mara, the Amboseli National Park and the Tsavo National Park. The safari ends in Mombasa.

Day 1 Arusha, Tanzania – Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
After a short briefing you will travel southwest toward the Tarangire National Park. This park has diverse landscapes as well as a large variety of wildlife and is considered as one of the most attractive parks in northern Tanzania. It has one of the largest elephant populations and is also home to predatory big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs. In the park, you will also see many giraffes, buffalos, zebras and various antelopes and gazelles. The late afternoon will be spend in the national park with plenty of time for wildlife watching. You will stay overnight at the  Maramboi Tented Camp or similar. Lunch; Dinner

Day 2 Tarangire National Park, Tanzania - Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
After breakfast, you will leave the Tarangire National Park and you will have the chance to enjoy the scenery whilst en-route. Whilst travelling on good roads, you will shortly arrive at the African Graben or Rift Valley where the lowlands break up and make way for the vegetation rich crater highlands. Soon, the higher lands are reached and a wonderful view of the Masai Plains and the Lake Manyara opens up before you. Stops will be made for taking photos and to enjoy the spectacular views before reaching your final destination for today - the world famous Ngorongoro Crater.

This massive caldera is an incredible 18 km in diameter and with its walls, as high as 300m, Prof. Grzimek has described it as the 8th wonder of the world. The Ngorongoro Crater has also been labelled as a Garden of Eden as it has the highest and possibly the densest mammalian population on earth. You will overnight at the Ngorongoro Sopa or similar, which is situated directly on the crater’s edge and offers fantastic views of the crater. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 3 Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania – Serengeti, Tanzania
You will have breakfast at dawn before travelling down the seemingly hanging walls into the crater below. Here, within a fewer square kilometres, you can find practically the complete cross section of all the animals that can be found on the entire East African savannah. Naturally, this is one of the best places to capture the magnificent but endangered black rhinoceros on film and experience some of the best wildlife watching available. During the early afternoon, the safari travels further into the endless plains of the Serengeti. The Serengeti is the most famous park in Tanzania and it is the location of the biggest animal migration in the world.

The herds often cross the border on their migration without problems and offer plenty of opportunities for spectacular wildlife watching. Overnight stay either at Kati kati Tented Camp or similar or at Mapito Tented Camp or similar (depending on season).. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 4 Serengeti, Tanzania
At sunrise, you will start the day with a wildlife tour while enjoying the warming rays of the sun. After your return to the camp, you will have a rich breakfast waiting for you. If you would like to do a trip to the visitor centre, a representative of the Frankfurt Zoological Society will meet and tell you of the work they have been involved in for the last thirty years (advance notification is necessary). In the afternoon, there will be plenty of time for further wildlife watching. You will stay another night at Kati kati Tented Camp or similar or at Mapito Tented or similar. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 5 Serengeti, Tanzania – Lake Victoria, Tanzania
After an early start, you will travel further through the Serengeti National Park towards Lake Victoria. On route, you will have more time to see some animals that you may not have already seen over the last view days. After leaving the park, the safari travels on to Lake Victoria; the largest lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. The area around Lake Victoria is the most fertile and densely populated region in Tanzania. Stopping at the lake, you will have the chance to see another side of Tanzania; away from the tourists and the masses, you can discover the land and the lives of the local people. You can watch the fishermen earn their living and visit a rural community school. This experience is not available on the usual tourist routes. Tonight you will overnight at the   Speke Bay lodges  or similar. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 6 Lake Victoria, Tanzania – Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya
The journey to the Masai Mara is not a small undertaking and requires an early start. What appears to be a short distance on the map is in reality many hours drive. It is, however, worth it as it is said that the “Mara” has the highest lion population of all the reserves in Africa. Other large cats also have their home here and can be spotted all year round, as their sightings are not dependent upon the seasons or the great migration. Overnight at the Mara Ashnil Tented Camp or similar. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Day 7 Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya
Today, you will have the chance to enjoy a full day of wildlife watching with your skilful guide. You will take a trip to the River Mara, which is the greatest hurdle for the wildebeests and zebras on their yearly trek. At the end of October and the beginning of November, an unbelievable scene is set; the river is swollen almost to the bursting point due to the rains and ten thousand animals must cross it. The wildebeests and zebras know that they need to cross the river and that there are crocodiles hiding just below the surface that makes the crossing dangerous. At other times of the year, hippopotami, crocodiles and other animals can also be observed at the river. You will sleep the second night at the Mara Ashnil Tented Camp or similar. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 8 Masai Mara, Kenya – Nairobi, Kenya
During the morning hours, there is a bit time for further wildlife watching before leaving the Masai Mara. After an extensive breakfast, your journey continues towards the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, where you will overnightat the Fairview Hotel or similar. Breakfast
Day 9 Nairobi, Kenya – Amboseli National Park, Kenya  
After breakfast the tour continues to Amboseli National Park. The park is well known for its unforgettable view of the snow capped Kilimanjaro and on a clear day you will be able to take pictures of this the highest mountain in Africa. The park is also known for its large elephant population which at the last count stood at about 1000. You will camp overnight in tents and on your way to the campsite will enjoy your first wildlife tour of this beautiful national park. You will overnight at Dinner Amboseli Serena Lodge similar. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 10 Amboseli National Park, Kenya – Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
Before breakfast, you will have another chance to enjoy a morning game drive through Amboseli National Park. After breakfast, you will continue to the Tsavo West National Park, which forms together with the twin brother, Tsavo West National Park, the largest national park in Kenya. The route to the camp goes through a diverse and undulating landscape in the northwest of the park including the impressive Shetani Vulcan Lava Field. During your stay in the park you will see the famous “red” Tsavo Elephants. You will stay overnight at Severin safari Camp or similar. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 11 Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
Today you will again spend the whole day on game drives in the Tsavo West National Park. The combined area of the West and East Tsavao National Park form an area which is half the size of Switzerland. In the afternoon you will continue your tour visiting the Mzima Springs. This spring is a fresh water source in the middle of this hot and dry region that provides drinking water for the whole of Mombasa.
You will stay overnight at Severin safari Camp or similar.
Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 12 Tsavo West National Park, Kenya – Mombasa, Kenya
Your last game drive of the tour takes place before breakfast giving another chance to seek out more exotic animals in the bizarre landscape of the Tsavo West National Park. On your return to the Lodge a filling breakfast will be waiting before you will drive to the final destination of this tour, Mombasa. We drop you off on a beach hotel or at the airport. Breakfast
If you wish to extend your stay on the south- or north- coast beaches in Mombasa or on Zanzibar you more than welcome to do so. Please contact the Kyalampala Adventure for a quote.

Minimum number of persons: 2 people
(guaranteed window seat)
Prices and Dates of Group tour
This safari is also available as a private safari (min. 2 people)
We will send you an individual quote upon request.

Items included:

  • Transport in 4x4 Safari vehicle
  • Professional, English speaking guide
  • Meals according to travel plan
  • Mineral water when on safari (2- 3 litter per day/person)
  • Overnight stays in safari lodges / tented camps
  • All national park fees

Items not included:

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Visa fees
  • Tips
  • Personal spending monies for souvenirs etc.
  • Travel insurance

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