"Our safari was an amazing experience that provided memories which will last a lifetime. kilirater & safaris worked with us to design the safari around our preferences. kilirater took care of all the details so all we had to do was enjoy the experiences and learn about the areas we visited. Our guide, a native Tanzanian, was very knowledgeable about the history, culture and nature of his country. We took 1100 pictures and are having a difficult time deciding how to choose the best few to share with friends.

George and Denny
Florida, USA
September 2013

"We loved our safari with kilirater & safaris and Ralph as our guide! The animals were unbelievably fantastic and we saw all of the "Big Five". Our guide was so knowledgeable and accommodated our every wish! It was the trip of a lifetime and we have memories that we will cherish forever."

Anne and Carol
Florida, USA
September 2013

"As for our safari, we could not have been more thrilled with how it all went. We probably enjoyed the camping nights the most as we truly felt out in the nature of the Serengeti. Our guide was very knowledgeable with spotting animals, information on them, and also of the history of the area and Africa in general. He was a great bloke and wished he could have been with us throughout our African trip!"

Simon and Moses
February 2013

"ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME !! We started our journey a year in advance and we did a lot of research on which of the hundreds of safari agencies was the right one for us and ultimately selected kilirater & safaris and we are GLAD we did! We did a 2-week safari in Tanzania during the Great Migration (Jan). (Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Manyara etc.) We had a FABULOUS guide, Raphiele, and driver, Moses!!!! I can’t say enough about both of them. They were knowledgeable, great sense of humor. Our goal was to have an experience of a lifetime in addition to seeing the BIG 5 – they made it happen!! My husband and I have traveled quite a bit and we can say this was an adventure of a lifetime. kiliratersafaris(Jennifer, Raphiele and Moses) exceeded our expectations (in so many ways) that words just cannot do them justice. An adventure, I have and will suggest to all of my friends. REMEMBER YOUR GUIDE MAKES YOUR TRIP!!"

Al and Faisal
California, USA
January 2013

"This was our first family trip that completely took place with nature. It was truly an adventure that we will remember for a long time. The stunning sceneries and amazing animals were exceptionally enlightening. With our outstanding guide, we were able to capture the full illustration of our safari trip in an enjoyable and memorable style. With the support and knowledge of our guide and the care taken by kilirater & safaris to put our itinerary to fit our needs, this made our safari trip the best adventure we have taken as a family!"

Doha, Qatar
November 2012

"kilirater & safaris was by far the best decision we could have EVER made in planning our trip to Africa. Peter, our guide, and Jennifer, our planner, were just amazing in helping us prepare and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. They took the time to customize the itinerary to fit exactly what we wanted to see and went above and beyond to set us up in Chumbe Island and Zanzibar for a little R&R after the safari. We started in the Northern Serengeti to witness the Great Migration of the Wildebeest - this was just incredible as there were thousands upon thousands of animals every direction we looked.

On just our first day we got to see a pride of nine lions, a herd of more than 50 elephants at a watering hole, and our own private cheetah viewing of a mom and her two cubs in the middle of the road on the way to the Overnight Migration Camp. Just incredible!! Every day on the safari just seemed to get better and better as well made our way through the Northern and Central Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Rhotia Valley, Lake Manyara and Tarangire!

Our guide was amazing - so knowledgeable, hilarious, friendly and made us feel more than safe everywhere we went. He listened to what we wanted and took us to see everything we asked for - even when I wanted to see hippos for the 50th time. :) My most favorite thing about our guide was that he was extremely patient when we wanted to take a thousand photos of the same elephant, never rushed us and always shared our same enthusiasm - like it was the first time he had seen the animals with us. Honestly, Peter is a FIRST CLASS guide.
ALL of the accommodations, pricing, transfers, flight and guides were dependable, affordable, on-time, trustworthy and very entertaining. We couldn't have asked for more. kilirater & safaris is simply the best!"

California, USA
September 2011

"Although this was my 1st safari, I have to say it was the best one ever. I cannot imagine another experience that could really top this. We saw EVERYTHING. Not only that be we had the best guide that we could have ever asked for. He was extremely easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about all the animals, and such a wonderful person. He is like a walking encyclopedia!! I loved that whenever we saw an animal he was just as excited as us as if it was his first time seeing the animal as well. I thought that this excitement was contagious and made us all so eager to keep going and see what we could find next.

kilirater & safaris picked awesome lodging for which we had wonderful staff and clean facilities. We got an awesome 10 day adventure that took us all over the country to see all the different parks and all sorts of animals. I honestly cannot say enough good things. Being that it's such a small company, I think we also got a lot more personal attention and really felt as if we were being looked after rather than just another 3 people they had to cart around on drives. I would go with kiliratesafaris  in a heartbeat on future safaris!"

California, USA
September 2011

"Our guide was exceptional... well educated and an expert on African wildlife. We saw the Big Five many times over and were shown and educated about things that many normally are not privy to. Make sure Ralph is your man. He even went out of his way to get a ticket for me to Zanzibar - used a personal contact and saved me over $150 on the price. Really nice guy. We had great conversation with Ralph over meals and I hope to stay in touch with him.
Overall, this was a trip of a lifetime for our group... and in no small part based on kilirater safaris attention to detail and great guide. They even drove us around town on the last day to run some much needed errands... great service!"

Dubai, UAE
August 2011

"We recently went on safari with kilirate safaris and had an unforgettable adventure. It's exceptional to travel with someone who is passionate about his country and who takes pride in his role as your guide. He would be just as excited as we when spotting something unusual. We were fortunate to see the big five throughout our 12 day safari. But, I'll never forget seeing that lone, big, bull elephant, in the central Serengeti, walking towards us, making his way to the watering hole. Other vehicles would pass us, but we just sat and waited as it slowly came closer. Our patience paid off as it lumbered directly in front of us and we spent another hour watching it bathe. I would highly recommend kilirater & safaris for a personal, flexible and well-priced safari. Good luck in the future and Hakuna Matata.”

Reena and Morris
July 2011

Safaris was excellent from the initial inquiry until the last day of our Safari.
Your guide will make your trip. Our guide was exceptional.
His knowledge of everything in the National Park, his ability to find places that were off the beaten path (but still on the legal dirt roads), as well as his pleasant personality made our trip absolutely fantastic."

California, USA
June 2011

“The Serengeti, Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro Crater will all look the same regardless of the guide you are traveling with…but the experience of those events will be vastly different depending on who is showing you through those worlds. I was very fortunate to be with Peter for all of those events and more. I think we all spend a lot of time deciding where we would like to go, what items we must see when we land, but little time considering who will guide us on these journeys… In truth, there are few tools available to help us select a guide, we simply hope for the best. Peter takes that variable out of the equation.

He is an outstanding guide, he is knowledgeable and passionate about the places he is taking you to. He listens to what interests you, he is kind and patient and has a great sense of humor. He will tell you some crazy thing about something…'That’s a mud faced lion, it's very rare…really'. Wow! Click click click, then he smiles and we are both laughing…he got me! It was just Peter and I for almost two weeks…one of the most striking things for me was that when I was taking pictures I would look over and see Peter in the driver’s seat clicking away as well. After all the years, he has spent doing what I would imagine to be a similar route through a similar place he is still interested and excited by this wonderful place…he is still taking photographs.

I walk down the streets of NY all the time. I walk right by the visitors who are clicking away. It is easy to become complacent and stop looking and seeing our surroundings. Peter really sees, and if you spend some time with him, he will help you to see as well.”

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